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Hippiegoddess - Hairy women are what we love!

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Welcome to; Home to the Internet's best, exclusive, naked hairy girls, erotica site, featuring natural, hairy women; unshaved, naked hippies.

Only here you will find our original photos and music videos as well as erotic solo masturbation videos of natural, hairy women. Join us in celebrating, even reveling in natural beauty, and the alternative lifestyle. Hairy girls are what makes the world spin!

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02 January 2019 Thank you all for bearing with us during the recent server move. It was much more complex and fraught with trouble than we had hoped but looks like the move is finally over! We will be reducing our updates to one per week during this time as well as lowering the recurring subscription cost for members. We will likely return to twice a week updates in the summer/fall. Those who lock in the lower recurring subscription rate will have that rate honored as long as they retain the same account.


Jupiter Set 20 - 17 April 2019
Sexy hirsute goddess poses out in nature. Jupiter is soft and hairy all over. Dreadlocks too! (143 Images)
Click here for instant access to this update! was created in November 2001 because we couldn't find anything like this on the web. Most sites claiming to feature natural, hairy girls seemed more interesting in creating 'hairy porn' and seemed to have missed the whole point. Bypassing the inner goddess and all of her magick. We have tried over the years to create what we call 'Elemental Steam'. Mixing the passion, wild energy and sexuality of the fire element with the depth, clarity and emotional range of the water element thereby creating steam. is dedicated to featuring natural and hairy women, sexy, naked, free spirited hirsute women in ways you only dreamed of until now. Outdoors, in nature, at beaches, gardens, forests, on the coast as well as many other amazing outdoor and some indoor settings.

So, if natural, hairy women, dreadlocked, hemp wearing, barefoot, earth-loving, goddesses turn you on, come on along and enjoy the ride. The hairy girls are waiting!

Ana Molly Erotic Video - 10 April 2019
Sexy beyond words. Enjoy this natural red haired woman who could live next door. Masturbation never looked fucking sexy until you see this hirsute goddess touch herself. (1 Images)
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Ana Molly Set 10 - 03 April 2019
We love this sassy, sexy, syren. Ana Molly is a natural red head, with an unshaven bush to match. Furry armpit hair. Hirsute goodness at (109 Images)
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Sabine Pearl Set 06 - 27 March 2019
Exotic goddess in the bath. Natural and hairy Sabine Pearl lounges in the sunken tub. Hirsute sweetness at its best. (408 Images)
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